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Visitors to the island of Skyros can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities and sports including biking, sailing, trekking and many others

Activities in Skyros

Skyros is a very beautiful island and one where you can enjoy a wide range of activities, sports and adventures throughout the year. Its rugged and rich landscape make it perfect for various outdoor activities, as well as being a wonderful place to explore and appreciate the immense natural charm and beauty.

Sailing is a very popular activity with visitors to the island and the coastline around Skyros is one where you can find deserted beaches, impressive sea caves and have the opportunity to visit some of the small islets.

Other water-based activities that you can enjoy include windsurfing, which is very popular at the beach of Kalamitsa, as well as at Atsitsa. Diving is also something you can enjoy when visiting Skyros and the diving center in Acherounes provides a great way to experience scuba diving around the island.

You can also enjoy swimming at one of the many beaches you will find around the island. Skyros is blessed with a lovely array of gorgeous, sandy beaches, all of which are ideal for those hot summer months.

The mountain terrain of Skyros make it a great place to enjoy mountain biking and hiking. There are many wonderful trails you can follow through forests, up mountains and along the coast where you will be able to enjoy the unique scenery and magical vistas.

The northern region of Skyros is very green with rich vegetation, pine forests, olive groves and gorgeous scenery, while the southern part of the island is much more rugged and rocky. It is in the south of the island where the famous Skyrian horses live.

Whatever type of activities you enjoy, you can be sure that Skyros will be the ideal holiday destination in which to enjoy them. It is a perfect place to visit throughout the year, and each season brings with it a new display or colours and scenery.

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