GyrismataSkyros Greece

The small town of Gyristmata in the north-east of Skyros is home to a huge sandy beach and provides a perfect location for relaxing holidays

Gyrismata Beach

Gyrismata Skyros

The town of Gyrismata in the north of Skyros is home to a very popular beach which is ideal for those hot summer days. Our rooms and apartments are located just a short distance from the beach and provide you with the perfect setting in which to enjoy your holidays in Skyros.

This part of the island is very peaceful and relaxing, away from crowds and noise. If you are looking for a destination in Skyros to simply unwind and relax, then Gyrismata is the perfect choice.

The popular coastal towns of Molos and Magazia are just a short distance away, and there you can find a selection of places to enjoy something to eat or drink.

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